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Explore our range of frogs, newts, salamanders and more

CB Hour glass tree frogs £40 (3 available)

These miniature tree frogs stay small and are very easy to keep. They can be kept in groups and feed on small crickets and insects. 

CB juvinile red eyed tree frogs £35 each 2 available

These classic tree frogs are easy to keep and do well in a tall set up. 

CB Lake Urmia Newt - (Neurergus crocatus) £75 each or £150 for two (2 available)

A beautiful newt species that originates from Iran. can be kept in a paludarium style set up. 

CB yellow bellied toads 4 available. £12 each or two for £20.

A great starter species. This species of toad displays its belly when it feels threatened to ward off predators. Enjoys a large swimming space. 


New specimen bromeliads now in stock.

New EU dart frogs arriving next week: R.Fantastica lowland, R.Lamasi highland, O.Pumolio punta laurent and more. 

T.Alanis back in stock 

CB Standings day gecko now in stock.




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