Frequently asked questions. 

At Sussex dart frogs we take animal wleafre and quality very seriously. Below is some information on how we get our livestock. 

How do i know all your frogs are legally imported into the UK? 

We only buy our imported frogs from a very trusted source in Europe. We only deal with real buisinesses with traceable adresses and conactact details. If we ever thought any frogs had been illigally supplied we would of course contact the supplier and authorities imediately. 

Do your frogs come with any gaurantees? 

Yes, all livestock comes with a 48hour gaurantee. (we will require proof of death or sickness before a refund is given) 

Are your frogs ethically sourced? 

Yes, again we work with a very reputable supplier in Europe who mostly sells captive bred frogs and any that are not captive bred are resoponsiably obitained. 

Dose sussex dart frogs have captive breeding programs?

Yes, we breed over seven different species of dart frogs in our breeding facility. 

Why do the prices ocassionaly go either up or down on livestock prices?

We do our best to make sure our prices are as competitive as possible. But outside factors can influence a price change either up or down. Depending on where the animal is sourced from, the price we can get from the wholesalers changes depending on the market value and if we have bred the animlas ourselves all factor into the final price making it fluctuate from time to time. But ultimately we always try to keep prices as resonable as possible whilst at the same time offering a wide range of livestock. 

What makes Sussex dart frogs stand out from the compettition? 

We are specialists in dart frogs and have a great amount of knowledge in keeping dart frogs. We have been breeding and selling dart frogs for nearly seven years and have a large well equipped shop to house and breed them as well as a pet shop license with Wealdean district council. We care for each dart frog as if they are our own pet. They are given high quality calcium on almost every feed and fed the best diet possible to ensure your getting the healthiest frogs possible. Our customer service is also a high priority, we are always happy to give advice. This is all backed up by our 48 hour livestock guarantee. We also like to think we are one of the friendliest and most helpful shops around so dont worry if you have no knowlage on reptiles or amphibians we can take you through everything you need to get started. Sussex dart frogs also supplies care sheets for every type of animal we sell so you can take the advice home with you for future reference. The owner of Sussex dart frogs also has a National diploma in animal management and has kept reptiles and dart frogs for over ten years. 


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New EU dart frogs arriving next week: R.Fantastica lowland, R.Lamasi highland, O.Pumolio punta laurent and more. 

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