A diverse group of dart frogs. These are great for begginers.

CB juvenile Azureus 2 available. £65 each.

A stunning species of dart frog

CB EU imports Leucomelas Adults £65   3 avaliable.

A great starter frog 

CB Dendrobates Tinctorius 'Citronella' juveniles EU imports       £75 each.      1 avaliable More avaliable form 30th of May.

A large species of dart frog best kept in pairs. 

Auratus 'Pena Blanca'        CB Juveniles  £60 each or two for £100 2 avaliable

A very striking group of Auratus. These have not yet fully developed their colures. This will get more vivid as they mature. 

CB      Auratus      'Columbia'          Adults. £60 each. 1 avaliable. More back in stock on the 28th.

A great starter frog. Likes lots of cover and places to hide. 

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Alanis' £60 each. 1 available. 

A larger species of dart frog, displaying bold colures. 

CB Auratus Capurganas £75 each 2 available.  

A rare species of Auratus with vivid greens and black colures.


New specimen bromeliads now in stock.

New EU dart frogs arriving next week: R.Fantastica lowland, R.Lamasi highland, O.Pumolio punta laurent and more. 

T.Alanis back in stock 

CB Standings day gecko now in stock.




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