A diverse group of dart frogs. These are great for begginers.

CB Tinctorius 'Brazil' 2 avaliable   £75 each. 

A stunning species of dart frog

CB EU imports Leucomelas Adults £65   2 avaliable.

A great starter frog. These are high quality, good sized, imported Leucomelas from Europe. 

CB Dendrobates Tinctorius 'Citronella' juveniles EU imports       £75 each.      2 avaliable.

A large species of dart frog best kept in pairs. 

Auratus 'Pena Blanca'        CB sub-adults  £60 each or two for £100 2 avaliable

A very striking group of Auratus. These have not yet fully developed their colures. This will get more vivid as they mature. 

CB      Auratus 'Green and black'     Adults. £60 each or £165 for three. 3 avalible. 

A easy starter species 

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Alanis' £60 each. 1 available. 

A larger species of dart frog, displaying bold colures. 

CB Auratus Capurganas £75 each 2 available.  

A rare species of Auratus with vivid greens and black colures.

CB Tinctorius 'grey leg' £60 each 2 available ALL SOLD

this is a great starter frog best kept in pairs. 


Madagascan ground gecko now avaliable.17/07/19 

snowflake whites tree frogs now avaliable. 17/07/19

Ameerega Trivittata now avaliable. 1/07/19

Tinctorius 'Brazil' now in stock.12/06/19

Yellow crested three horned chameleon now avaliable.1/06/19



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