Some of the largest dart frogs

Terribillis 'Yellow' CB £80 each. ALL SOLD. 

A large species of dart frog that appreciates lots of ground space. 2 sub-adults and 1 adult avaliable. 

CB Vittatus dart frogs. Adults: £35

1 Available

Very striking dart frogs these are easy the breed. we currently have two females and one male in stock.  

CB Phyllobates aurotaenia £65 each. 2 available.

A easy to keep dart frog. 


New specimen bromeliads now in stock.

New EU dart frogs arriving next week: R.Fantastica lowland, R.Lamasi highland, O.Pumolio punta laurent and more. 

T.Alanis back in stock 

CB Standings day gecko now in stock.




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