These smaller frogs are usually good climbers and if given sufficient space can be kept in small groups. 


CB EU import R.Benedicta £85 2 avaliable ALL RESERVED

These dart frogs like lots of leaf litter to hide amongst. 

CB EU imports. R.Fantastica lowland. £95 each. 2 avaliable. ALL SOLD

This species enjoys places to climb and likes a bit of height in its terrarium. 

CB R.imitator chatzuta. £80 each. 3 avaliable. 

A stunning thumbnail species 

R.Imitator Tarapoto 'green' £85 each 2 avaliable. 

This species likes lots of leaf litter and likes to climb. 

R.Variabillis 'Southern' £95 each. ALL RESERVED 

A stunning species of Ranitomeya with a great personality, always active and usally very confident for a thumbnail. 


Madagascan ground gecko now avaliable.17/07/19 

snowflake whites tree frogs now avaliable. 17/07/19

Ameerega Trivittata now avaliable. 1/07/19

Tinctorius 'Brazil' now in stock.12/06/19

Yellow crested three horned chameleon now avaliable.1/06/19



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