These smaller frogs are usually good climbers and if given sufficient space can be kept in small groups. 


CB R.Varibillis 'southern' (juveniles)£95 each.  

Please note these are juveniles currently feeding on small fruit flies and springtails. 

CB R.imitator chatzuta. £80 each. 2 avaliable. 

A stunning thumbnail species 

R.Imitator Tarapoto 'green' £80 each 2 avaliable. 

This species likes lots of leaf litter and likes to climb. 

R.Variabillis Borja ridge £65 each or £195 for three.

A stunning species of Ranitomeya. These are grown on juveniles at about 3 months+. 6 Avaliable

R.Fantastica 'Copper head/lowland' also known as the red headed dart frog.£100 each 2 avaliable. 

A stunning species of Ranitomeya. 


Come visit us at the Freestyle chirstmas fair December 7th. 

Tinctorius 'Matecho' now available. 

Whites tree frogs in stock from 30/10/19

CB clown tree frogs now available. 20/10/19

Juvenile 'flame' crested gecko now in stock 25/09/19

Hinan cave gecko now in stock 17/08/19




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