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CB Crested Gecko £50

A very popular pet and for good reason they are easy to keep and don't need to eat live insects. These geckos can be handled carefully when they have settled in to their new home. 

CB Mourning gecko: £40

A easy to keep gecko. These geckos are all borne female and lay fertilised eggs making them great in groups. These can also be kept with dart frogs in larger set ups. These are juveniles.

WC long tailed skink £15

This species likes a tall terrarium 

CB Standings day gecko £90 

This is a large species of day gecko that grows between 8-11inches. It needs a tall terrarium with lots of climbing places. 

CB Juvenile Tremper albino lepard gecko. £65 

A great starter species and great for anyone new to reptiles. This species of gecko can be handled with care. 

 CF jacksonii xantholophus/ yellow crested chameleon. £160 

A stunning chameleon, that likes temperatures between 75-80, lots of plant cover and climbing places.  

Paroedura pictus £80

A small ground gecko from Madagascar. lives in semi arid environments humidity should be around 60%-70% these geckos do not generally like to be handled.  

We stock a range of dry goods for all reptiles including heat lamps, UVB lighting, live food and more. 


Madagascan ground gecko now avaliable.17/07/19 

snowflake whites tree frogs now avaliable. 17/07/19

Ameerega Trivittata now avaliable. 1/07/19

Tinctorius 'Brazil' now in stock.12/06/19

Yellow crested three horned chameleon now avaliable.1/06/19



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