For all your dart frog, reptile and amphibian needs. 

Store highlights: 

We stock a large selection of products 

Wether your after dart frogs specific items or just need general reptile supplies we stock everything from live food, lighting, heating, decor and more. 

A wide range of live plants

Sussex dart frogs stocks a large selection of reptile safe plants perfect for bio active set-ups. 

Over 30 tanks of live stock

Our climate controlled livestock room offers a huge selection of dart frogs, small reptiles and amphibians

Fully planted terrariums

You can buy planted ready to go set ups. These come fully bio active with clean up crew. Fore more info see our fully planted terrarium section. 

We do not stock snakes or invterbrates (except mantis). 

Please note we do not ship or post any of our animals, these must be collected in person form our shop. 

You can also explore a small sample of the products we offer by clicking on the links below for prices on Exo Terra terrariums, rain systems and more. 


Why buy from sussex dart frogs? 

we offer a 48hour livestock guarantee 


Our store cant always be the cheapest or compete with large online stores that buy in bulk. But we like to think that our expertise and level of customer and product care out weigh the often small difference in price. If something goes wrong just bring it back and as long as it is within our terms and conditions its either replaced or refunded, no posting products back or finding your parcels left in either poor condition or inappropriate places.


we a one of the few shops to use preventative treatments on all livestock such as worming medicens and high quality supplements to make sure your getting the healthiest livestock possible. 


all our EU imported live stock is quarantined for five to seven days and 100% of them are captive bred. 


we often get in rare and unusual livestock not often seen in most pet stores, we source only captive bred animlas from the best suppliers across the UK and Europe. 


we offer honest and knowledgeable advise on all our livestock and products. 

our customer service is excellent. we will respond to all problems or questions the same day and often even out of business hours. we look after and value all our customers.


Rain systems



Come visit us at the Freestyle chirstmas fair December 7th. 

Tinctorius 'Matecho' now available. 

Whites tree frogs in stock from 30/10/19

CB clown tree frogs now available. 20/10/19

Juvenile 'flame' crested gecko now in stock 25/09/19

Hinan cave gecko now in stock 17/08/19




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