Instant rain forests 

We produce a wide range of fully planted, ready to go set ups. These Terrariums come fully bio active with clean up crews. They are all individually designed and uniquely decorated and planted. no two fully planted set ups are exactly a like. 

Fully planted terrariums

Explore our range of ready to go terrariums.

Zoo Med 12"x12"x18" SOLD

This set up is perfect for small species such as thumbnail dart frogs. it includes a high out put zoo med LED light unit, drainage system and comes fully bio active. 

Zoo Med palduarium 30x30x60cm £285

This set up offers a unique water element. The land section is designed to look like a tree by the river bank and features ferns, climbing plants and branches and vines, great for small tree frog species.This set up comes with a exo terra pump/filter to keep the water section clean. And comes with UVB lighting. heating not included. 

Exo terra small xtra tall: £368

This set up features a large 'tree trunk' as its centre piece with plants growing from it. Comes with Jungle dawn LED lighting and a 25w night heat lamp, and drainage system. 


Madagascan ground gecko now avaliable.17/07/19 

snowflake whites tree frogs now avaliable. 17/07/19

Ameerega Trivittata now avaliable. 1/07/19

Tinctorius 'Brazil' now in stock.12/06/19

Yellow crested three horned chameleon now avaliable.1/06/19



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