Instant rain forests 

We produce a wide range of fully planted, ready to go set ups. These Terrariums come fully bio active with clean up crews. They are all individually designed and uniquely decorated and planted. no two fully planted set ups are exactly a like. 

Exo terra 45x90x45 fully planted terrarium £368

At 90cm tall, this set up is perfect for dart frogs and many other species. Comes with an exo terra canopy light hood fitted with two Arcadia Jungle dawn bulbs. Includes drainage system, clean up crew and unique 'tree trunk' centre piece. 

Exo Terra 45x45x60 fully planted terrarium: £270

Comes with custom background, Arcadia shade dweller light unit, drainage system a selection of live plants, water bowl and clean up crew. 

Exo Terra 30x30x60 


This fully planted set up uses all new technology to create a stunning background inspired by beautiful fossil formations from across the globe. Our new background material looks and feels like rock or stone by weighs far less. It is also completely pet safe. This set up also comes fully planted and bio active and includes our drainage system. This set up is prefect for anyone who loves fossils, dinosaurs or the natural world.

Buy this set up and get 20% off of any complete light unit.  


To purchase or reserve any fully planted set up please contact us via email or phone number. All terrariums are collection only. 


Come visit us at the Freestyle chirstmas fair December 7th. 

Tinctorius 'Matecho' now available. 

Whites tree frogs in stock from 30/10/19

CB clown tree frogs now available. 20/10/19

Juvenile 'flame' crested gecko now in stock 25/09/19

Hinan cave gecko now in stock 17/08/19




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