Rain systems

Save time and keep your terrariums humidity correct when you are not around with a rain system that automatically sprays your terrarium for you. 

We currently stock Mist  King rain systems capable of spraying multiple systems we sell the starter kit for £169 includes pump, tubing and spray nozzle. 

Or we offer Exo terra solo rain maker, ideal for a small terrarium or single terrarium the solo is £92.22 RRP £129.99 or the larger multi system is £130 RRP £179.99 capable of spraying multiple systems. 


Hinan cave gecko now in stock 17/08/19

R.Varibillis 'Borja ridge' now in stock. 13/08/19

CB Golden tree frogs in stock from 14/08/19

Mantis now in stock 

Madagascan ground gecko now avaliable.17/07/19 

snowflake whites tree frogs now avaliable. 17/07/19

Ameerega Trivittata now avaliable. 1/07/19




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